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TS-1 “Ginger” (Serial # 18002)


Serial Number:        18002

Guitar Name:          Ginger

Model:                     TS-1

Distillery:                Mystery Blend

Finish:                     Copper Leaf Aged

Scale:                      25”

Nut Width:              1 11/16” Graphite Nut

Hardware:              Black

Pickup:                  Kent Armstrong Super Distortion White (goes to 11)

Bridge:                  Gotoh Wraparound Comfort Low Profile

Tuners:                  Kluson Rear Locking

Fretboard:             Copper Inlay “Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey”

Side Dots:             Solid Copper Wire

Flask:                    Copper Finish Stainless

Other:                   DTC (Distilling Tubing Conection)

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